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Multiclicker2 is a new multi-platform, multi-account and multi-PTC autoclicker written in Java.

Multiclicker clicks on more than 30 PTC sites atonce automaticle. Also you don't need to open your internet explore at once it will save your login and when you run this software ir start clicking ads automaticly to all sites.
Auto solve captch- right it can solve captcha by itself.
Multiclicker2 is designed to be easily extended with more PTCs directly by users. It contains built-in Builder (SDK) with debugging support. Developer may choose to build PTC plugins (called simply “site” now) with Wizard, directly in source-code or even using both techniques.
But Multiclicker2 goes even further! Know of a site that requires its users to type two passwords? That one was impossible to add with old Multiclicker and its SDK. But not anymore. Builder in Multiclicker2 allows you  to specify more input fields your own way!
Remember translating old Multiclicker? You will be shocked! Prepare for WYSIWYG, on-the-fly translation!
Implemented balloon messages (may not be available on your system) for users that want to know about every single action.
Still don’t know how to add fake browser the right way? With the new capture function you will have your browser imported into Multiclicker2 faster than ever.
Proxy – that is the question. Forget about adding hundreds of proxies for each single account yourself. A few clicks and your whole proxy list with thousands of lines is ready for duty.
And here it comes, ladies and gentlemen, ready for your multi-accounts: Global automation mode by username or site. Choose global mode by username or site and all your accounts will be groupped according to their usernames/sites and clicked one by one in each group.
Can you still breathe? Then what the hell are you waiting for?!

Download Multiclicker2!